Saturday, October 29, 2005

Spot Organics

I’m an avid fan of fresh breath and not just for humans either. My dogs could use a hit of freshness every now and then. Heck, all the time in fact. Spot Organics features a Peppermint Breath Spray for our canine friends. This is an all natural breath spray that works like a breath mint. The spray also helps to oppress the bacteria in their mouths that causes doggy breath. The Peppermint Breath Spray uses only pure peppermint essential oil to give them minty fresh breath.

Another source of odor is my dogs’ beds. Spot Organics also features Bedding Spray. It’s aromatherapy for your dog and their beds. It is a natural deodorizing spray with a fragrant smell of tangerine and lemons. There are also essential oils of eucalyptus and marjoram. This spray can also be used as a disinfectant in your dog’s kennel or room. Visit Spot Organics for more of their canine aromatherapy collection.

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