Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Crystalyn Kae

Another addiction of mine is handbags. I enjoy looking at handbag collections that feature distinctive designs and shapes. This holds true for Crystalyn Kae and her handbag anthology. Her bags come in a variety of styles such as the hobo bags, tote bags, fabric bags, and shoulder bags. One of my favorites is the hobo bag with the sash styling in the samba medium size. There is an inner zip pocket and separate compartments. The strap can be lengthen to drape across your chest.

There is also the bucket tote fashion. It’s an exceptional embellished tote with a floral or motif appliqué. The tote is fashioned with powerful stitching. It would be idyllic to use for your yoga gear, business papers, etc …

Visit Crystalyn Kae accessories to see more of her designs.

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