Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Whomi

Balance your family’s activities in a fashionable portable calendar. For those of us that still love to use pen and paper, My Whomi is an innovative calendar designed to manage your multi-dimensional schedule. This weekly planner has color-coded sections for each family member. It allows you to track your family’s timetable in a single view.

Each Whomi is designed to have a modern sleek style. There is the Whomi Original which is durable, modern and transparent. You can also store your Whomi in the Hidden Agenda. The Hidden Agenda is a sleek vinyl clutch with a pink lining and zipper closure. This wallet contains a outer zipper compartment for cash, credit cards, etc …

A percentage of all sales from every Hidden Agenda sold will be donated to select charities whose purpose is to helping women and mothers in need. Visit My Whomi to check out this design-savvy tool.

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