Thursday, November 17, 2005


It’s time to post about more lovely scarves I’ve come across. This time these scarves are from Peep Accessories for Chicks. Peep, started by sisters Sally and Jane offers handmade bags and limited-edition accessories. Each item is uniquely designed and constructed with great attention to detail and sturdy enough for everyday wear. Along with their mother and partner Sandra, Peep features handbags, scarves, jewelry, IPOD cozies, etc … Another plus for buying a Peep product is their generosity. Peep uses 5% of their sales to purchase yarn in order for them to make accessories for Family & Children’s Services of Monmouth County, New Jersey. This organization provides services and counseling for families that are having a hard time.

Peep’s scarves come in an assortment of styles and colors. My favorites are the Yum scarf [shown above] and the Attic Closet. The Yum scarf is made out of a velvety pink wool blend and pulls through to securely stay around your neck. There is also a white cupcake with pink icing appliqué, with beaded “jimmies” accents.

The Attic Closet is a soft furry faux mink colored stole with a snap closure and vintage button emphasis. You can wear this mink colored stole either in the front for a stylish look or on the side for a sassy feel.

Take a trip to Peep to see more of their unique handmade designs.

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