Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Trixie and Peanut

Ah the rain is here. It’s time to get those raincoats for our furry friends. One of my dogs despises the rain with a passion. I’m not sure if the raincoat will help her fears or not, but they’ll both look so adorable with these raincoats from Trixie & Peanut. The Gridline Raincoat is an vital accessory for our canine friends. It’s lightweight and water resistant. It even comes with a hood with elastic trim to protect their precious heads.

Here’s a camo raincoat for some extra pizzazz. This raincoat is water-resistant with a quilted lining. The raincoat comes in posh pink, bold blue and classic olive.

To repel rain, sleet and snow with fashionable flair, pick up a Carnaby Rain Slicker. This stylish red rain slicker has chic plaid piping and bone-shaped buttons.

For our bigger breed friends and my rottweiler, here’s a hydro tech raincoat. The sleek Hydro Tech raincoat designed specially for bigger breeds is built out of an innovative hydro-tech fabric, making it waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It comes in yellow, red, blue and black.

Visit Trixie and Peanut to see more smart and stylish apparel and accessories.

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