Saturday, December 03, 2005

Luxe Paperie 25% Off

Add to your growing note card collection or start one with these lovely boxed notes from Luxe Paperie. Luxe Paperie offers exceptional stationery in a wide array of unique designs and styles. Whether it’s a friend’s birthday, a special wedding wish, or a just a note saying hello, pick up something from Luxe Paperie and write away!

My favorite box of note cards is the Snow & Graham Merci Bunch Boxed Notes. These lovely note cards are letter pressed in peach and red ink on lavish 3.5” x 5” folded ivory card stock.

Visit Luxe Paperie soon and take advantage of a extraordinary 25% off savings. From our friends at Daily Candy Deals, enter DCLUXE for 25% your purchases.

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