Thursday, January 05, 2006

FyveByDora You're Fabulous

The weather is still cold so that means we can still wear our scarves or buy new ones like I’m going to do products from FyveByDora. FyveByDora features a unique line of handmade accessories created from a passion for art, style and beauty. Their collection includes scarves, ponchos, wraps, caplets, and hats. These handmade lovelies are crafted using the finest European yarn.

I especially love their signature fyvebydora giraffe on double sided 100 percent cashmere scarf in juniper and citron green color duo.

Please be sure to check out their Handknit Gallery. You’ll find photos of specialty handmade items. Visit FyveByDora to see their collected works of fabulous handknit products.

Hi Goodnight sweet pea,
Thank you for doing such a great write up about fyvebydora. How did you hear about us??
Hi Linda,

I think it was Daily Candy?? Sorry I can't remember exactly. :)
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